Tiếng Việt:

Original Proposal

For the Google Summer of Code 2005, I would like to produce a complete localization of the Mozilla Firefox application for the Vietnamese language, as suggested by MozDev and Gervase Markham. The process for localizing Firefox is outlined at the Mozilla Foundation’s website.

I am not a native speaker of this language, but I have grown up with Vietnamese spoken in my home alongside English, and I have been studying it for a few years. I also have translating experience, having helped to translate the MediaWiki software into Vietnamese. In translating the interface, I will consult a number of sources, in order to ensure that users of the software will be able to understand it easily. These sources will include:

I will use these sources only for reference. My use of copyrighted dictionaries will not cause a problem with licensing, since the translated words themselves are facts, and thus cannot be copyrighted. Nevertheless, I will contact the authors of some of these resources, asking them for permission to use their material.

In addition, I will regularly consult my parents, Ky Nguyen and Kim Thoa Nguyen, who are native speakers of Vietnamese. On occasion, I may also consult members of the Vietnamese Wikipedia for assistance with a particular translation, since I have worked with them on translating the MediaWiki interface in the past.

I will begin work on this project immediately, and I plan to finish it by September August 16, 2005 at 6:00 PM EDT (UTC−4). Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.

Revised Plan

9 August 2005
All DTD files completely translated; begin soliciting feedback from Wikipedia community etc. to avoid embarrassing mistakes
16 August 2005 23 August 2005
Self-imposed project deadline
Feedback period complete; no more changes to localization files
More time needed to correct inconsistencies and localize some keybindings
23 August 2005 30 August 2005
Localization packaged and uploaded to mozdev servers
1 September 2005
Google-imposed project deadline
Package listed at official Download Thunderbird page

If Minh finds that he has extra time left over before the SoC deadline, Minh may decide to work on integrating a Vietnamese IME into Thunderbird, which will make it much easier for users to write in Vietnamese. Or he may decide to start translating some popular extensions.

Once the SoC program is over and Minh opens this project up to more contributors, he will also expand the project’s focus: this website may house a Firefox localization project as well, and the website will likely serve as a starting point for Vietnamese speakers looking for information about Mozilla products in general.

The vi project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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